Nanostructured Ceramic Powders

Our range of highly pure, nanostructured yttria-stabilised zirconia (YSZ) and zirconate powders are ideally suited to industrial applications that demand high material performance. With guaranteed small grain sizes and high chemical homogeneity, our nanostructured powders enhance the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of ceramics to improve the functionality, behaviour, durability and value of your end-product.

Properties and benefits

  • High Purity
    Uncompromised ceramic performance
  • Small Grain Size
    Improved mechanical properties
  • Uniform Dispersion of Mixed Oxide Components
    Chemical homogeneity and controlled grain growth
  • Uniform Granular Morphology
    Improved flowability for easy application of powders
  • Higher Specific Surface Area and Reactivity
    Lower sintering temperatures, to minimise grain growth and retain beneficial nanostructure
  • Improved Ceramic Performance

If you have an application in mind, or would like to enquire about a product that is not listed, please get in touch.