Aluminium-doped Zinc Oxide (AZO)
Sputtering Targets

Our AZO sputtering targets are ideal for the deposition of thin films, including transparent conducting oxides (TCOs) for optoelectronic devices.

Available as 2” and 3” discs, our raw AZO powder has very small grain sizes and high reactivity enabling the production of full density targets at lower sintering temperatures to minimise grain growth. By retaining small grain sizes, our AZO sputtering targets offer improved thermal and mechanical properties for high performance TCO film deposition.

Our AZO can be manufactured with different Al doping concentrations between (0.5 – 2.0 wt. % Al2O3 ) to suit application-dependent requirements. For example, to offer improved optical transmittance in the NIR spectrum.

Conventional powder manufacturing approaches often result in a compromise between the mechanical and thermal properties of the AZO sputtering targets. Advantageously, our powders are optimally synthesised to ensure improved mechanical strength without compromising thermal properties, improving the target’s lifetime and resistance to thermal stress during sputtering.

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Our AZO sputtering target properties

The raw powder for our sputter target discs is synthesised via our unique technology – EDS. Guaranteeing small primary particle sizes and excellent chemical homogeneity, our AZO powders compare favourably to those produced by conventional synthesis methods, enabling the production of sputter targets with enhanced properties:

  • Full Density Targets
    Suitable for RF and DC systems
  • Homogeneous Microstructure
  • Excellent Secondary Phase Distribuition
  • High Electrical Conductivity
  • Optimised Mechanical Strength and Thermal Behaviours
  • Improved Target Lifetime

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How will your thin film benefit?

  • Improved deposition rate
    Deposition rate is positively correlated with target density. Our high density targets improve deposition rates, saving time and cost.

  • Improved deposition stability
    Targets with smaller grain sizes improve the plasma stability during sputtering, enhancing the uniformity of the deposited layers.

  • High homogeneity
    Guaranteed consistency in film thickness and optical, morphological and electrical characteristics. Our targets reduce film variation between the centre and edges of the substrate and avoid nodule formation and arcing, which are associated with poor homogeneity (including porosity and impurities) and form electrically-resistive zones. 

  • Excellent electrical conductivity
    Our targets show electrical resistivity between 10-3 and 10-4 Ωcm, and the absence of nodule formation or arcing ensures the conductivity remains consistent and reproducible throughout the lifetime of the target.

  • Transparency
    High optical transmittance in the visible region, for film thicknesses >1µm, makes our targets ideal for application as a TCO material in a wide range of optoelectronic applications (e.g. thin film solar cells). ​

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