2 mol % Yttria-stabilised Zirconia (2YSZ)

2 mol % yttria stabilised zirconia has relatively recently been added to the Innovnano product portfolio, although it is not a new material.
A lower yttria content would normally offer less stabilisation of the zirconia matrix than in conventional 3YSZ materials. However, the nanostructure imparted to our 2YSZ powders from our highly energetic manufacturing process (Emulsion Detonation Synthesis) contributes to stabilising the zirconia. Furthermore, the mechanical strength of 2YSZ remains significantly above the 1000 MPa level whilst fracture toughness is massively increased to >14.


 Benchmark 3YSZ

 Innovnano 2YSZ

 Fracture Toughness MPa.m0.5  



 Flexural Strength MPa



 Hardness (HV10)



2YSZ offers a high fracture toughness alternative to conventional micron-sized 3YSZ engineered ceramic applications. It can be used as the zirconia phase in both ZTA and ATZ.

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