Welcoming Javier Macias to the Innovnano team!

12th December 2016

Innovnano is very pleased to welcome Javier Macias to our R&D team! After five years in academic research, Javier is looking forward to new challenges in the industry and to contributing to product innovation and powder development at Innovnano. He has already proved to be a great asset to the team, bringing research experience that is extremely valuable to the ongoing development of our range of structural zirconia ceramics.  
In 2011, Javier achieved his BSc in Chemistry from the University of Malaga. He then continued to work in the inorganic department before moving to the University of Aveiro to undertake a PhD in Materials Engineering. His PhD research focused on the search for alternative energies, concentrating on solid oxide fuel cells with the thesis entitled “SrVO3-based anodes for hydrocarbon-fueled solid oxide fuel cells”. During his time in academia, Javier gained experience in the synthesis and characterisation of ceramic materials, and his work was published in a number of international journals.