Innovnano is very pleased to welcome Dr Nuno Vitorino to the team!

24th August 2016

Innovnano welcomes a new member to our R&D team! Dr Nuno Vitorino brings a wealth of experience in materials science and technical ceramics, which will be invaluable for the ongoing development of our exciting range of ceramic powders. In total, Nuno has over seven years of research experience in the field, focusing on the development of materials for energetic applications, including storage, production and conversion.
In 2008, Nuno achieved his BSc in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, followed by an MSc in Ceramic Technology at the same institute. He went on to complete his PhD in Materials Science Engineering at the University of Aveiro in 2013 with the thesis entitled “Heat transfer kinetics in phase change materials”. Following his PhD, Nuno undertook two and a half years of postdoctoral research investigating permeable oxygen storage monoliths for chemical looping in fixed bed reactors.
Although Nuno has enjoyed working on a number of interesting projects over his recent years in academia, he was drawn towards an industrial role. He said, “Joining Innovnano provides me with the opportunity to contribute to Innovnano’s goals, mainly framing our current and future products in new markets, and also contributing to new product development using my background in materials science.”