AZO Sputtering Targets for High Quality Thin Film TCOs

17th August 2016

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​The high quality of Innovnano’s AZO sputtering targets stems from the nanostructure of our AZO powder, which enables high density sputtering targets to be produced at lower sintering temperatures, resulting in minimal grain growth.
The small grains and homogeneous microstructure of the AZO targets enhance mechanical strength and improve plasma stability for a more uniform thin film deposition. The targets also have a consistent, high body density that promotes a uniform heat dispersion, resulting in longer target lifetimes and better value for money.
Commenting on their trials of Innovnano’s research grade sputtering targets at Loughborough University, Patrick Isherwood, a researcher at the CREST Laboratory, commented, “These AZO targets are without doubt the easiest to use of any AZO target we’ve worked with and consistently produce top quality thin films”.
Currently, we manufacture and supply 2” and  3” diameter targets, with 4” available on special request.
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*discount applies until November 30th 2016 and additional multibuy discounts are also available