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Nanotechnology offers an unprecedented control over the structure of materials, improving their functionality and enabling the design and manufacture of superior, higher performance products. Future applications are there to be explored and commercialised. The INNOVNANO process  has the flexibility to develop feedstock, intermediaries and products tailored to meet each of our clients’ specific requirements. The coherent integration of exact process and precursor parameters is essential to maximise product performance; therefore, we partner closely with our clients, adjusting material properties through our unique customisable manufacturing technology, to provide the optimum solution.

INNOVNANO recognises that excellent quality assurance and R&D support are vital in ensuring product consistency, traceability and future development. We have invested in state-of-the-art measurement and characterisation equipment, laboratory facilities and the training of our own technical personnel. Our established links with industry and academia provide us with complementary technologies and additional expertise that further assist us in the continuing expansion of our product range.

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   NanoZirconia article NanoTech magazine Issue 6

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   Sintering Behavior of Nano- and Micro-Sized ZnO Powder Targets ....

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