Innovnano has attended the 2nd AEP-SERRALVES Conference

Innovnano has attended the 2nd AEP | SERRALVES Conference

October 22, 2011


INNOVNANO has participated in the 2nd AEP | SERRALVES Conference, held on October 18th at the Serralves Foundation in Porto.

INNOVNANO'S CEO, André Albuquerque, participated in this event where he spoke about nanotechnologies at a round table focussed on the topic "Which industries for Portugal? Factories in the Future". In this discussion panel, André Albuquerque was joined by Purificação Tavares (Biotechnology), Gustavo Dias (Textile Industries), Aníbal Matos (Marine Science) and Rui Lousa (Opto-electronics and Micro-electronics).


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