Innovnano introduces New Product

Innovnano introduces New Product

May 27, 2011


This May, Innovnano presented a completely innovative product. Non transformable tetragonal zirconium (Nano T’Z) stands out from conventional products for its nanometric structure and, subsequently, for its performance in the final application.

Non transformable tetragonal zirconium is basically used in preparing coatings that act as highly efficient thermal barriers. The main applications of such thermal barriers are aerospace industry (turbine coating), aeronautics, vehicles (engine parts coating), and gas turbines at combined cycle plants.

This nanostructured Zirconium has significant advantages against other currently sold products: Lower thermal diffusion, that allows for increasing the engines’ temperature of operation, which subsequently increases their efficiency; higher resistance to thermal shock; 2 to 3 times longer life cycle, significantly reducing maintenance costs; mechanical properties that are clearly better than those of conventional products.

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