Innovnano at National Meeting of Nanotoxicology

Innovnano at National Meeting of Nanotoxicology

February 7-8, 2011


Innovnano, in the person of Dr. Ana Lúcia Lagoa, participated in the National Meeting of Nanotoxicology E2N2011, held in Lisbon on February 7-8. The Innovnano researcher spoke on the subject "Perspectives and Opportunities in the Nanomaterial Market", affirming that "medicine, energy storage and production, aeronautics, ecology, electronics ... are some of the areas awaiting materials that will enable them to make a quantum leap and overcome the current limits of technology".

In her presentation, Dr. Ana Lúcia Lagoa stressed that, although most of these projects are long term and will only produce palpable results decades from now, there are many areas in which nanotechnology can have an immediate or medium-term impact: "Solar protection, antitarnish coatings, self-cleaning surfaces, scratch-resistant surfaces, optimized fuel cells, batteries, nanosensors, plus others, are some examples of the current opportunities for the nanomaterial market".

Directed mainly towards researchers who deal with nanoparticles, besides covering aspects related to nanotoxicology, the conference also dealt with subjects related to the description of nanomaterials and their applications.

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