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3YSZ 3 mol% Yttria stabilised Zirconium Oxide
4YSZ 4 mol% Yttria stabilised Zirconium Oxide
8YSZ 8 mol% Yttria stabilised Zirconium Oxide
AZO Aluminium Zinc Oxide


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NanoZirconia article NanoTech magazine Issue 6

High-performance ceramic powders play a crucial role in everything from coatings for turbine engines and land-based power generation to ceramic parts for prosthetics and sensor technology.

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High Pressure Physics on large scale Synthesis of Nanomaterials

Sintering Behavior of Nano- and Micro-Sized ZnO Powder Targets ....

INNOVNANO on target with latest sputter coating materials for thin film 
photovoltaic cells


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ECerS XII Estocolmo 2011
EMRS Fall Meeting Varsóvia 2011



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