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A Portuguese family business, trading for over a century in the chemical industrial sector, CUF has adopted innovation, competence and the human development as its fundamental values. Through its manufacturing, logistics, technology and commercial activities, CUF has an international presence: Lisbon, Coimbra, Aveiro, Pombal, Estarreja, Pontevedra (Spain), Antwerp (Belgium), Austin (USA) and Brighton (UK).

CUF is a significant manufacturer of industrial chemicals: the 6th largest producer of Aniline in Europe and the 3rd largest Iberian producer of Chlorine. Through CUF’s focus on innovation, it has successfully developed new technologies, both for the production of Aniline and, more recently, through a unique, patented process for the manufacture of nanopowders.

Currently, CUF’s strategy is based on the "Aniline over the Fence" concept which is based on a hybrid delivery model, combining the benefits of integration and typical customisation of domestic suppliers with the advantages of accessing prices and market rules of suppliers abroad. The use of long term supply contracts, a rigorous definition of the quantities and the pricing model, and the fact that each operator concentrates on activities where they are more efficient, enables risk to be managed and minimised.

As a result of this strategic approach and the long-term partnership with DOW and Air Liquide, CUF launched new production units in 2010, doubling its production capacity for Aniline and Chlorine in Estarreja’s Chemical Park.

CUF is a subscriber to ‘Responsible Care’, the commitment of worldwide chemical industries for sustainability and for the environment.  Its participation in this area has been recognised on various occasions, with national and international awards and prizes. In 2005, the European Prize for Responsible Actions was awarded by CEFIC – The European Council of the Chemical Industry - to Pacopar - the panel for the industry community in Estarreja’s Chemical Park – which was founded by CUF.





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