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10th May, 2016
Sara Sequeira receives award from the Portuguese Society of Ceramics and Glass.

9th May, 2016
Join INNOVNANO and lead technology developments in the exciting area of technical ceramic powder production.CERAMICIST (m/f)

26-28th April, 2016
Ceramics Expo, Cleveland, Ohio

19th April, 2016
Discover zirconia powders for physically demanding applications and enter the Innovnano prize draw to win a tablet

4th April, 2016
Innovnano’s YSZ Powder Used to Develop a New Material

1th April, 2016
Innovnano feature in report on Advanced Ceramics and Nanoceramic Powders

1th March, 2016
Designing Improved Ceramic Composites

22-23th October, 2015
The Future is Now

20th August, 2015
Colombo Prize awarded to Innovnano

17th August, 2015
Innovnano, are pleased to welcome Luís Almeida

6th August, 2015
Providing a cost-effective solution for high quality thin film research

14th July, 2015
AZO Sputter Targets for Thin Film Applications – free article.

11th June, 2015
Nanostructured monoclinic zirconia from Innovnano provides high quality, long-lasting refractories

15th-17th April, 2015
Hannover Germany

15th April, 2015
Nanotechnology … From the Lab to the Industry, Jornadas CICECO 2015

5th February, 2015
Innovnano announces its certification to ISO 9001 standards

28th January, 2015
Innovnano exhibiting at the Hannover Messe

6th January, 2015
Advancing thin film research with nanostructured Aluminium Zinc Oxide (AZO)

24th-27th June, 2014
CUF in the Homage Week to Alfredo da Silva

21th-23th May, 2014
Improving turbine efficiency in aerospace engine performance

April 3rd, 2014
NanoPt, Caparica, Portugal

February 12th, 2014
Porto Innovnano CEO at i-Nanotool forum

February 4th, 2014
Innovnano at the Conference about Entrepreneurship

     (13th-17th April 2015) Hannover, Germany

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