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Innovnano is a dedicated manufacturer of nanostructured yttria-stabilised zirconia (YSZ) powders. Our unique manufacturing technology enables us to guarantee that our ceramic powders offer small grain sizes and excellent chemical homogeneity for the highest performance applications including:

Structural ceramics | Orthopaedic implants | Thermal barrier coatings

From R&D to commercial production, we can support your entire product journey with our purpose-built manufacturing facility for rapid scale-up of powder production.

The Nanostructure Advantage

Compared to conventional micro-structured ceramic powders, powders with an intrinsic nanostructure show increased chemical activity. Importantly this enables ceramics to be produced at lower sintering (processing) temperatures to save energy and minimise grain growth. In this way, the nanostructure is retained, translating to higher performance ceramic parts and increased value of your end-product

Enhanced chemical homogeneity | Improved physical properties | Increased end-product performance

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